Donna Brazill,  of Woodland Park, Co., 2010
Donna Brazill is a Realtor in Woodland Park, Colorado area and left this for me:
Oddly, Ken and I have never met other than on line and by phone. However when we were conversing through email I was interested in his email address and he told me that he was a trainer and he offered to help my dogs IN COLORADO from his home in Florida!

We have a Lhasa and a rescued Cocker. We, of course, love them dearly, but their behavior when anyone (including us)came to the house was annoying, and disruptive. LOTS of barking and jumping and it carried on for a long time. Ken offered some very specific suggestions for intervention, which we implemented immediately and the change has been amazing! Even our neighbors who have known our dogs since we first got each of them have commented on the huge difference in their behavior.
We simply tell everyone who comes to our house as they are entering to please ignore the pups until they are calm and approach appropriately and its like a library! No barking, no jumping, no "dancing" with excitement.
I can tell the Cocker to "calm down" and she just sits and waits for me to call her.
I would have never guessed that "we" could be that easily trained!
Simply amazing! Oh and it work
when we are staying with friends as well!
I think our Cocker is more confident in herself and our relationship as well. She seems to be a bit less clingy than she used to be.

The Foley’s 4-2-2012,
We knew our "terrier-ist" was going to be a challenge..... But from the minute Ken began our lesson(s), it was apparent he, not only knows his stuff, he knows how to teach it.... Dogs aren't stupid - they just want to know what we want them to do.... And they will do it if we learn how to teach them... Listen to Ken....,
Diane Hartman
  Pensacola, Fl. 6-23-12
Dear Mr. B,
Thank you so much. You absolutely transformed my Sheltie. She was so bad that I just wanted to get rid of her. She barked all the time. She jumped on me and ran through my legs and much, much more. She nearly made me fall many times. Now, she stops when I say no, does not run ahead of me, does not jump on me and obeys me. The transformation is truly miraculous.
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Diane Hartman , 10-25-2012
Ken, the idea of putting your dog on a leash and letting him drag it around is amazing. I questioned the idea at first but gave it a try. It changed our dog from the start. He acts as though you are in control even without holding the leash. He listens to commands and obeys more readily. Thanks for the tip.
Steve Luv

Tess Ware 10-24-2012
My goal when we started with Ken was to get my 5 month old Cairn Terrier to listen to me when I called and to settle when visitors came to our home. I wasn't expecting nearly the results that we achieved in a few lessons. Ken trained ME so that I can approach training my little guy with confidence. I know that he is a quick study from how he responded to both Ken and me. I will continue to work with him and expect that I will be able to train him to do whatever I want because he now looks to me for his directions and I in return know how to respond to him in a more positive manner. Thank you Ken for training me to train my puppy. He's not perfect (yet), but we're on our way!!!!!
Yes, publish comments

Barbara Darnell Lillian, Al. 7-12-2012
When three year old Jackson was given to me, he was used to having the run of the house, doing what he wanted to do on his own. Ken's kind, and yet authoritative teachings have helped Jack learn that I run the house now, not him. Jack is calmer, (and so am I) and he is more focused and always eager to please. He just needed structure! I'm waiting for more advanced classes if Jackson needs them - and if Ken chooses to teach agility training, Jack and I will be the first to sign up! Thanks, Ken
arbara Darnell
doug cory Elberta, AL,  9-25-2012
Ken's series of classes were very helpful in giving me the tools and instructions necessary to get my dog to react to my commands. He had my lab mix eating out of his hand, literally. I would recommend his lessons to all who want a great relationship with their pet.
Yes, publish comments but NOT my email : True
Tom. Foley, Al. 9-9-2012
Hi Ken,
he class really helped us a lot to handle our LaDa a sweet and wild Bouvier Des Flanders, this is our 5th of this breed in the last 40 years and this is the first professional training class we have had, it gave us a very good platform to go by. It was a fun class for Lada. Every time he came to see you he was so excited and did whatever you told him to do, better than with us.
Thank you very much, it is a great professional training class and we will continue to work with LaDa, he is improving.
Andrea and Jeff Henricks Crestview, Fl. 

90# 1-1/2 yr old Chocolate Lab “Charlie Brown”
Rescued by: Ken  Beaudet
Rehomed through: Panhandle Animal Lovers of Crestview, Fl. ( 
Adopted by: Andrea and Jeff Henricks
(2nd training session for this family)
Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful walk around the entire block with Charlie tonight! Perfect walk...I even was able to walk a distance without holding the was wonderful, he didn't pull me at all! Just wanted to brag on him! Thanks for all your help, and look forward to seeing you Sunday.
Andrea Sent from my iPhone

This email preceded Andrea’s latest comments on my website: 5-2-2013
Hi Ken, hope that you are doing well...we are doing great...Charlie is awesome :) Just wanted to prewarn you that I recommended you on a Crestview Military Wives Facebook page...a girl was asking for trainer info so i immediately gave out your info and already three ladies are saying they are going to call you for training...I hope that is okay, it's a huge page here so I wouldn't be surprised if you get a lot of calls :) I recommend u everywhere we go :) We owe you a lot for helping us with our Char-bear ;)
Take care, Andrea

Jeff and Andrea Henrick: we adopted an 18 month old (90lb) Lab, and quickly knew that we would need help...we called Ken, and he immediately began working with us through email lessons and came out to our home weekly...He was extremely professional, and truly loves what he is doing. I cannot recommend him enough..our Charlie was marking, wild, surfing counters and simply out of control...Ken gave us the training to be able to control our beautiful dog, and take him from an 'okay' dog to a wonderful family pet...We were the ones who needed the training...Charlie was simply waiting for us to be educated, and that we were...Thank you Ken for are truly amazing!!

"The Smartest Dogs on the Block"
"Obedience Training That Works"

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Bonnie Kotula is the Owner and C.E.O. of Florida Academy of Pet Grooming, Inc.,
a state-licensed pet grooming school. She is a certified master groomer by the National Dog Grooming Association of America (NDGAA). She has 30 years of grooming experience, 29 years experience as a dog behaviorist and obedience trainer, and twenty years of teaching experience. Bonnie is also a published writer and cartoonist for several grooming publications, and has demonstrated and judged at numerous trade shows throughout the United States. Bonnie continues to attend trade shows and conventions throughout the year to remain informed of the latest techniques and products.

Here is what Bonnie has to say: (Pace, Fl.) ( since 2003) 2009- 2010
  I first met Ken Beaudet when he attended one of my dog obedience classes with his 6 month old Labrador mix. He mentioned that he had already attended every other available obedience class in the area. The instructors told him they could not help him because he had surpassed the level of obedience that they offered. I noticed something special in Ken during our classes. I saw a passion in him to teach dogs with one hundred per cent positive methods. And that passion comes through in his writings and his dogs' skill level.
The turning point for me, with Ken, was when a local area shelter contacted me to help with a lab mix named Andy. Andy had been placed in five homes prior. Each owner returned Andy to the shelter due to undesirable behaviors. These negative behaviors were the kind that are very hard to correct. I immediately called Ken because I knew he would want to do all he could to help, as did I. After all, this was probably Andy's last chance. Ken took Andy into his home and worked with him diligently, for weeks. He completely reformed Andy, and even went "the extra mile" and successfully placed Andy in a home in Connecticut. This is one of many stories. 

Read what some
of my clients have to say about my training sessions:

UPDATE: MOLLY the crazy Boxer

 Ernie Rainer (originally posted 11-23-2017)

Just wanted to update you on Molly. You did a great job of teaching us how to train her, she has become a great dog. She is still very high energy but knows her training well. She is still stubborn occasionally though. Still training her daily. Put her on her leash and go to the door she sets right down I can swing door wide open she will not budge until I say come. Thank you for working with us. I referred you to a lady wanting a trainer today. She may contact you. Again thanks for helping us make Molly a great dog, or as we treat her, a great child.
Ernie Rainer 

#22- August 2019

Yula Indeyeva, Gulf Shores, AL. Puppy U with RUBY Yorkie puppy

YES post my contact information for others to use.

Working with Ken has been the single most beneficial decision I made for my dog. He has a wonderful skill at recognizing the dog's unique personality and demeanor, and tailors his sessions to reflect that. In my case, the training sessions were used early on to prevent unwanted behaviors from happening/setting in, and raising my dog to be a well-behaved, attuned companion. We focused a lot on unwanted puppy behaviors that could develop into problematic habits later on. Ken's approach was very effective because of his genuine dedication to my puppy and my own experience. He approaches his training sessions from a multitude of ways. First, by talking about the techniques to be learned, then demonstrating, then watching me carry them out with my dog. After each session, he sends a very detailed email summarizing the techniques for easy reference, highlighting strengths, and pointing out areas that need continued improvement. He is great at making suggestions based on the unique temperament and needs of your dog. It is very convenient to have him come right to your home. I have continued to use him throughout my dog's first year of life. He is very flexible with training timing, and has always made it convenient for me. I had such a wonderful experience and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to raise a well-behaved pet, or correct behavioral issues. 

August 2018
Rick and Janice Gravo
Perdido Key, Fl. Hobie, visitor/ door aggression

Ken was wonderful. He knew exactly how to diagnose our dog Hobies issues and the plan of action to rectify the problem. Ken was a tremendous help to my wife and I on the specific actions that we needed to take as owners of Hobie. Lots of success after our 5 wk training with Ken. Highly recommended.
please post my email :
Rick Gravo

Jul 23, 2018

Beth & Grey Biggs- Copper- male- 1 ½ yrs- Labradoodle extremely high energy
Perdido Beach, Al.

YES- please post my email for others to see and use

Ken, thank you for helping us to gain control of our beloved “crazy doodle” Copper. You listened to us and taught us exactly what we needed to learn to be better owners and parents to Copper. We are amazed at his progress and find his desire to please us has grown exponentially. He no longer greets me with jumping and “hugging” when I get home from work but with excitement as he sits in front of me and waits for me to pet his head.
Thank you for teaching us a non corrective method of training that is truly effective.

Apr, 2018 

RV Dogs “are” Different Training Series/ Bella Terra RV Resort, Foley, Al.
Terry and Kathy Miller

Charleston, IL.  YES- please post my email for others to see and use:

Ken was an outstanding trainer for Sofie and ourselves. We were encountering out of control and unusual behaviors (not obvious at home) due to our RV lifestyle. The biggest problem was out of control barking and lunging toward other dogs. She was fearful and went into attack mode instantly. Ken patiently demonstrated techniques tailored for Sofie’s personality. He guided us during our lesson times so that we could circumvent the triggers to her outbursts. Then we practiced each week. We cut out all the talking we did to Sofie on our walks. We replaced it with WALK, STOP, and LEAVE IT. This training experience truly made us aware of Sofies personality and how we can continue to guide her into better responses in a kind and patient way. She is more relaxed and happy when she is outside and around other dogs and people. Thank you, Ken!

~Update from the Millers at home:(paraphrased for space)

  We are home now and finding that Sofie has transferred Leave It to the vacuum cleaner and barking at the wildlife. It’s not perfection but it’s better! I feel that she’s not out of control like she had been. She’s definitely made the connection. And I think Terry and I have too! Thanks for the great training. We will keep in touch. Kathy and Terry Miller.

March 15, 2018 **posted to Fb 3-19-2018

Caral and Kaj Sorenson Pace, Fl. – Gemma and Chloe- Mix rescued  (CDOG)

Words cannot express how much I value the time spent with Ken and my two dogs, Gemma and Chloe. Both are rescue dogs, one 4 years and the other just shy of a year. We've had Gemma over a year and Chloe just joined us after New Years. Gemma did not like that and became nervous, barking more and nipping at Chloe. Chloe had been chained up outside her entire life so she needed a lot of work on her manners and behavior. After the first session there was a definite improvement. The house was quieter and the dogs were calmer. And I was calmer. As my husband said, "Ken is not training only the dogs, he is training us how to train the dogs". The key is to watch and listen to Ken and repeat the training on a regular basis. The more I work on a specific behavior the easier it gets. Ken is very knowledgeable and great to work with. No matter what age your dog is he/she can be trained and Ken can help. I highly recommend him!

March 10, 2018

Cindy Wilham Mt. Pulaski, Wisconson- ELLE- 4yr Border Collie

When we hired you Ken we were feeling desperate that we had to try something. Both our dog and us, I guess, needed to be trained. So glad you were able to show us ways to settle her down. It was either that or send her back to the farm. Even tho she is not perfect she is happier and plays more now. We still are challenged when meeting dogs on our walks but we try to avoid that. Elle is smart and kind of hard headed so it took us a lot of work but we were set on getting her so she could live in her new environment. Thanks for everything.

November 23, 2017

Ernie Rainer- 3 dogs- Molly (Boxer pup)- Faith- Hope (both older Chihuahua)  Pensacola,  

Yes, post my email so other can contact me:

When Ken arrived at our house on the first day it was immediately apparent that he has a way with dogs. We have a 6 month old boxer puppy Molly, who is much like the Tasmanian devil. She very quickly came to control with Ken when he started working with her. Ken showed us how to train Molly to do what we wanted her to do. The biggest things we had to learn were patience and not speaking during training. Ken taught us the less we speak the more Molly seeks us. Molly is still a work in progress but she is well on her way to becoming the best dog she can be. I would recommend Ken for anyone who wants a dog that seeks you out and knows what you want them to do. The in house training gives Ken the best insight to what the real world looks like, what’s going on with your dog in your home. It also allows him to tailor your training to the issues you want resolved. Ken is a great guy, very punctual, reliable and he loves dogs and will not do anything mean to your pets. Ken works with positive reinforcement.

Thank you for all the knowledge you have given us. I will highly recommend you to anyone.

September 28, 2017

Wally and Betina Justice Orange Beach, Al.

Ken was able to help us with our new rescued dog Zoey. She is a little over a year old, a golden retriever and has high energy. Ken was amazing during the sessions in evaluating the issue and showing us the proper training methods to correct the unwanted behavior. Zoey's progress has been rapid and we really enjoy our training time with her and the results we get. Ken is very professional and we highly recommend his services.
Wally and Betina Justice

YES- please post my email for others to see and use:

August 26, 2017

Linda Cheek- Hall Pensacola, Fl. EMMA-3yr old female Beagle   YES, please post my email for others to contact me


(Hi Ken, It was with much gratitude that I wrote a testimonial! John and I KNOW the difference you made for us and for Emma! Matter of fact.............we both "suppose", she wants you back, she has been "testing" our walking skills with her the past few days. We will remain firm and consistent!

John will also fill out testimonial in few days.

Thanks again and no doubt.........we will "come calling for back up" in the near future!

Enjoy a good day!  Linda Hall)

Linda Cheek- Hall Pensacola, Fl. EMMA-3yr old female Beagle
Who knew, "training a dog also pertains to life"?

Our granddaughter wanted a dog, to stay with the grandparents, her family lives in a condo! 
A 2-4 year old Beagle, from a county shelter, rescued "third time by us"
"LOVE, FOOD, SHELTER & WHITE PICKET FENCED IN YARD", should take any bad history or habits away............WRONG!
Ken Beaudet's training sessions guided us and "Emma" to an understanding of her behavior, (our expectations) her fears, unknown history that "Emma was a throw away dog" because no one provided the time she and all canine (other species as well) need to become "part of your world"! The journey of "building stages" of acceptable behavior each week is ACTUALLY only fair to Emma and her familY! Adhering to Ken's building blocks of "simple one word commands" with! She was never going to be be "thrown away" again, we were committed, but NOW, Emma is integrated into her "loving self" and her loving family!
Thank you Ken for letting us work with your expertise, skills, kindness and HEART that the ............."The Less You Speak, the more Your Dog Seeks".............
a tranquil approach also for a more peaceful LIFE!

August 17, 2017

Robert Schreiber, Foley, Al. CRICKET- 11 month old female Yorkie

We can’t tell you how thankful we are that we found out about you!  Cricket is, in many ways, completely different dog now.   She is calmer, and more manageable than we ever thought she’d be.  Our berserk little puppy is now a joy  to be with.  Don’t worry...we will continue to reinforce and practice with her.   In 5 short weeks we’ve come too far to go back to “berserkness”!

 Sincerely,  Bob & Mary Schreiber

May 23, 2017
Tara Smith and her dog Mazi, Pensacola

NAS Pensacola, FL 32508
YES- please post my email for others to see and use

Our journey with Ken began after my (truly) wonderful (98% of the time) lab-mix Mazi was attacked by 3 dogs in our neighborhood, which resulted in her almost dying due to a bad reaction from the sedative the vet used during her surgery to fix the neck wound. A friend of mine had let her out the front door, and upon seeing the dogs and their owner (all leashed) walking by our driveway, she ran out despite my repeated yelling for her to come back. I knew it was my fault even though I had not been the one to let out. 
I was desperate. 
She'd also had some really weird reactions to people walking by her kennel, or while we were on walks, which had started to become more often and worse as she's aged. Most of the time she was fine with people being around, or walking by them, but from time to time she would, seemingly at random, appear to have decided she didn't like someone or another dog.
I decided to give Ken a call and have him come over to evaluate her. I didn't think she was aggressive in nature, but something was going on, and I needed help.
What he was very quickly able to figure out was that she was confused. Although she behaved and was mostly obedient to my commands, if she triggered on anything and targeted it, there was no way for me to pull her out of it. She was protective of me probably because I had not shown her she did not need to be. In her eyes, she had to make those decisions because she was not sure I would.
Ken's short burst training method and belief in positive reinforcement/training worked a miracle with my lovely girl! He noticed she did NOT like eye contact. In fact, she basically refused to do it. In one short week, she showed much improvement after we worked on the techniques Ken showed us. She still has a little trouble with eye contact, but now it's while we're walking. She's getting better as the weeks go on.
One of my goals with Mazi was to be able to take her into public places and not have to worry about her triggering on people or other animals. I wanted to learn how to correctly introduce her to other dogs (I'd like to one day get her a companion, or be able to bring her out with friends' dogs without her feeling the need to be protective). Towards the end of our training weeks, Ken brought over 3 of his own dogs, and we worked walking them all together. Although Mazi was VERY excited to see the other dogs, the challenge of keeping her composed became so much easier since we'd worked with Ken for a couple weeks on simpler exercises and techniques. She did famously compared to how she would have reacted in the past. During our last training session, we took Mazi to a local grocery store, where she excelled at sitting and keeping calm.
I simply cannot thank Ken enough for his help! We still have things to work on and to improve, but Ken gave us the basic fundamentals that have made me a better owner, and Mazi a more confident dog that (after 5 years of being with me) is learning her place in the human world. And in mine. 
I absolutely, 100%, recommend Ken as a trainer for ANY person (and their dog). He is knowledgeable, professional, encouraging, and just dang awesome! I am very grateful for our experiences with him, and we plan to continue training with him in the future.
- Tara

April 29, 2017

Mary Willoughby – Pensacola, Fl

Gottie Bully , young male,  intact  YES- please post my email for others to see and use

Mary writes:

If you want your dog trained right, CALL KEN!..I am the owner of a gotti a handful!...I tried group training with him and he did well in the classes, but outside of that environment he still would not behave. I tired a private trainer with him , but he wanted to us an e collar on him and I did not want to control my dog that way. Finally I came across Ken's website. A lucky day for me. Samson and I have had 5 sessions with Ken and I am amazed at the difference in my dog. Ken has taught me so much on how to control him. Samson wanted to jump on every person he met and I was having a hard time holding him back. He wanted to walk me and was doing a good job of it! Now Samson still gets excited when he meets people but he doesn't jump on them, he is walking at my side and not pulling me. A lot of Samson's behavior was in how I was handling him. Ken showed me much easier ways to handle him and with very few words!. He has trained me and my dog at the same time. Samson is much better behaved since I have been working with Ken. We are starting the next level of training next week. I like that Ken comes to your home to work with you and your dog and I think his price is very reasonable for his I repeat if you want a well trained dog, call Ken! I'm glad I did............just wish I had found him sooner! Mary Willoughby

April 2017
RD and JoAnn Copps Pensacola, Fl.
Maggie the Beagle
RD writes:

We had five lesson series to modify the behavior of our one year old female Beagle. We have two other male Beagles and one old poodle mix rescue. 

We had some experience with training our other dogs but this new puppy seemed to far exceed our patience. We began to consider finding another home for the little demon. Lack of potty discipline, jealousy, excessive loud barking, chaos during dinner time, and conflicts with other animals/chickens were some of our problems. 
After our five training sessions we now have a dog we can control. Every day is not yet perfect but we now have techniques and routines that help her to understand our particular requirements. Ken helped us keep our dog through a systematic plan of behavior modification. Sometimes the breed or gender mixes or a peculiar environment presents a situation that can be more than we are prepared to handle. Sometimes you just need some help
We give Ken our sincere gratitude for helping us. We appreciate his working with us on deconflicting schedules and fulfilling his promises
In this case a problem dog is now a welcomed family member

Feb 1 2017

Jodi Abeling, Milton, Fl.

Stryker, male, Long haired German Shepherd
YES- please post my email for others to see and use

Leave your heartfelt comments on your experience with Ken.

Ken helped me with GREAT training tips for my German Shepherd. I have trained several search dogs, but obedience with hand signals was beyond what I could manage on my own. Ken showed me simple signals and how to teach them successfully. My dog is young and stubborn to a fault. I admire his spirit, but training was a challenge. We are making excellent progress now.
Ken has a gentle hand when working with my dog, that means a lot to me. I was really nervous about another person handling my dog, but that went away quickly. My dogs are family members, so I am very protective of them.
I would have no reservations at all to recommend Ken to anyone for help with behavior problems or like me, training methods.


Judy Johnson  Elberta. Al

Ken is a wonderful trainer. Our 70 pound puppy turned out to be extremely hyper. She was too much for us to handle and actually pulled myself and my husband down several times. At our ages we cannot afford to fall.

She was also out of control on walks if we met another person or dog. She jumped on people and did not respond to any kind of admonishment or command.

Thanks to Ken she now walks like a lady, is almost always controlled and can meet people and dog without going crazy. We still have a bit to go to have guests safe from her enthusiastic greetings, but she is much better than before.

Ken brought her to a civilized doggy and gave us the tools to complete the end of her education.

Ken is enthusiastic, loves the critters, and speaks their language. He is patient and very competent. I would recommend him without hesitation.

10/ 2016

Referred by: Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue 

Bruce,  2 year neutered male Golden with aggression
Owner: Andrew Toth,   Foley, Al.

Ken is a kind and dedicated dog trainer, and also one of the most skilled behavior modification specialists we have ever witnessed. Ken's ability to assess and determine exactly what stimulus and input our dog needed was impressive - it's as if he speaks their language. We were so fortunate to have met Ken when we did as we were at our wits end with a confused, aggressive and out of control dog which we fostered for a year. Ken was able to turn our 2 1/2 yr. old Retriever "Bruce" into a calm dog that wants to please his owner. We will be forever indebted to Ken for his guidance and help.

NEW testimonial format.

November 2012

Name * Marsha Molloy- Jack- mini Australian terrier

Your CITY * Elberta

Why did you contact Ken?
Jack had bitten my daughter and was aggressive to others. 

Email * blocked

  • Ken addressed my problems sufficiently.
  • Ken was professional, kind and courteous to me and my dog.

I will surely recommend Ken to other.

How many STARS is Ken worth?                5

Please let others know how you (really!) feel about Ken's training? *

 Ken, even after being bit by my dog "Jack", showed patience and kindness. He taught me to notice and intercept any bad behavior . Ken showed me how to get Jack's attention without shouting or chasing. Learning to divert Jacks attention has helped with my confidence in taking him to public places. He now gets rewarded for good behavior only. I love the short burst training used. 
Jack is now playful and can be trusted with family and close friends. I would still keep a watchful eye around strangers. Yet, I feel confident of my ability to prevent any accidents. Jack seems to feel safe with me now and we both enjoy our adventures more. Thanks Ken.

Let me know (how) I can post your comments to my website-- with OR without your contact information *NO- Do NOT post my email to your website.


June 2016 –

 Serra and Garry/ Pepper Gshprd


Why did you contact Ken?      

Jumping, pulling, grabbing food.

  • Ken addressed my problems sufficiently.

              • Ken was professional, kind and courteous to me and my dog.

I will I will surely recommend Ken to others.

Rate Ken’s abilities from 1 to 5 (with 1 the lowest).        5

Please let others know how you (really!) feel about Ken's training?*

Our Malinois was different from the first session. She listens and follows commands so much better. Ken not only taught her but also taught my husband and me. Just a generally great guy and wonderful experience. Highly recommended.


Aug 1 2016

Name * Daniel Rosales/ Luna Gshprd

Your CITY * Eglin AFB

Email *

Why did you contact Ken?

Running with
Control with human public

Ken addressed my problems sufficiently.

  • Ken was professional, kind and courteous to me and my dog.

I will surely recommend Ken to others.

How many STARS is Ken worth?        5

Please let others know how you (really!) feel about Ken's training?*

Ken, was great. He came all the way from Alabama to Eglin AFB to help me out for the 5 sessions even though it was not worth it for him.
He straight told me what was wrong with my dog and then showed me step by step how to fix it. He had a lot of patience which ended in a great result.

Let me know (how) I can post your comments to my website-- with OR without your contact information *

YES- please post my email for others to see and use


March 2016

Jake of Robertsdale, Al. says;

 Before finding Ken I was struggling majorly with training my Australian Shepherd Bama. I had been contacting many different trainers and going through many websites trying to find out what I needed to do. Luckily through word of mouth I came across Ken and after the first time speaking with him knew he could help me and Bama out. After kens first visit to my home I without a doubt knew I picked the right trainer. Now after completing our first set of sessions I cannot even put into words how happy I am with the changes in Bama. He went from a dog that acted unacceptably which stressed me out to a dog that I am very satisfied with relieving all my stress. I would without a doubt recommend Ken to anyone looking to improve their dog.. You will not be disappointed!!

Feb. 2016

Bob Robertsdale, Al.

Good job, Ken has patience with both the dog and owners. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs help with your pet.
Richard Hoffmann: (Rick and Misaya)
City:: Milton

Ken was an extremely great instructor. On our first meeting it was apparent that he not only was extremely knowledgable, but that he would also teach in a professional and patient manner. He was always a little early to our appointments, something that I value greatly in an instructor. He started by watching how we were with our dog, and immediately had helpful advice. In the course of just one session not only was our dog showing improvement, but so were we as owners, which is something Ken was able to pinpoint in very little time. Each appointment was followed up by a personal summary as well as instructions to follow before our next meeting. We couldn't have asked for anything else in an instructor, he exceeded our expectations. Our dog Tyson is a better dog, and more importantly we learned what we needed to do as well to make him more calm. Ken clearly has a real talent for this work, and we're lucky to have found his services. Thanks Ken, Tyson is so much better and happier.
Rick and Misaya
State: : FL

 June 17, 2015

 Naomi Segers,,

Just wrapped up our 5th lesson with Mr. Ken and we have had great success! We were looking to re-home our 4yr old female lab that was fighting with our 10 yr old female jack Russell. There was aggression between the 2 and it was not working out at all. My husband saw Mr. kens truck around town and we decided to try training instead of re-homing. Ken was able to train ME to be in tune with the dogs enough to know how to avoid what causes my dogs to "trigger" and then fight. He was able to do this by showing me how to teach my dogs basic things/commands that allow me to have the control. All 3 of our dogs know these commands now and actually obey! He came to our house and observed our 3 dogs, then broke it down into steps that were realistic goals for our family in our everyday life. Our situation between the 2 female dogs was aggressive enough for me to know that I always need to take caution between these 2 dogs, however ken has given us priceless tools that allow us to keep the dogs and prevent situations before they start. It has been such a great experience for us. I will happily recommend anyone to him! Thank you again Mr.Ken!!!!

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Read here what only 2- 1 hour private sessions accomplished.

January 22, 2015
Evelyn Magretto, FOLEY, AL

My dog Carley was out of control. I could not walk her because of her
pulling and jumping. When someone came in the house, I could not

control her at all. With Kens help I finally am able to enjoy my sweet

Carley. We now take wonderful walks and I have control of her when

someone comes.


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January 20, 2015

Donna Burns, Orange Beach, Al.

 Diesel is my fourth German Shepherd so I am very familiar with the breed. I like to train my shepherds for at least the first 18 months non-stop because they are very intelligent dogs and the foundation that good training brings, creates a lifetime of wonderful interactions with your dog. Ken has been absolutely the best trainer I have used. His approach to training is one of understanding and "reading" your dog. His methods just increase the animal/human bond and bring out the best in both of us! At just 15 months Diesel is THE best trained shepherd I have owned....thanks to Ken. Love his style, love his results !!

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Beverly Julien Pensacola, FL

I have two dogs, Honey, a mixed breed (Lab/ Chow/ Bully?), and Ivy, a 13 inch Beagle. Honey is kind of like Tigger on speed.
I could not have friends over because of her jumping, barking and making a pest of herself. Also I am mobility challenged ... I use a walker so that made it even more of a problem. Ken worked with the 3 of us with 5 weekly visits, email lessons and support. His calm, real world method really works.

 Honey has a Canine Good Citizen Certificate(CGC) and has passed traditional obedience classes but there was no carry over too real life.

 Honey is so much calmer and happier and I look forward to having friends visit. He has helped us so very much!
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3-1/2month female Gm Shpd

Gene Howe  Lillian, AL

We adopted Grace, a 3 1/2 month German Shepherd with behavior problems (biting and chewing on people). Our approach to rewards and discipline did not work. We could not control her obsessive biting and even considered putting her in a shelter. We heard of Ken and contacted him for his assessment and assistance. Ken said it would take time- 4 or 5 sessions, but Grace would improve after each session. He was right. Grace is now a calmer dog with great potential thanks to the training he gave her, and more importantly, the training he gave me. We still have an active puppy but one who knows her limits. Thank you, Ken. You saved our dog and my sanity.

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Wed, June 17, 2009

Bill Hogue, Gulf Breeze, Fl. 2009-2010
Hi Ken
So far I'm still working with Katie on the 'going outside' thing. I have found that using the treats is very effective and works every time. Also, playing with her for a few minutes out there seems to make her happy. It feels like a big breakthrough for us. I need to mow the lawn today and hopefully can then start on the digging area and tether toy. Can't take too much of this heat so it may not go a quickly as I'd like. She's been a pretty good girl since you were here. Maybe your commanding presence had a big influence on her. I'll try to finish the evaluation today and send it to you.
I looked at the seat covers and that loooks like a good option. Especially if I need to travel with her again. Style and cost isn't a big deal to me, either.
I want to thank you again for your help. I feel like I will be able to work out the problems. I'll sure give you a call when I need your expertise.
Bill H. Gulf Breeze, Fl


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