Ken volunteers his services at a "TRUE- NO KILL" shelter in Crestview, Fl. Panhandle Animal Lovers (PAL) is a not for profit and needs all the help it can get. Ken works with those dogs that have behavioral challenges that make  them less than great candidates for adoption.
 You can see their adoptable pets at or email them@

"The Smartest Dogs on the Block"
"Obedience Training That Works"

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3 steps to Success:

1)~ YOU must think like a dog

   2)~ EVERYTHING a dog does is instinctive, therefore, they are NOT wrong.

   3)~ Change how they think and change what they do.

Bonnie Kotula, Owner and C.E.O. of Florida Academy of Pet Grooming, Inc.

Ken Beaudet holds an Advanced Dog Obedience Certification from Florida Academy of Pet Grooming in Pace, Florida. The custodian/ owner of "8" dogs, Ken feels their pain.


Ken’s fresh approach to dog obedience is opening up a new and friendlier way to train our pets without compromising their trust. His love of pets, and his passion for a kinder, "learned behaviors- smarter dogs"™ technique is raising the bar in dog obedience, and providing teaching methods that can be implemented by anyone, trainer or owner, with the desire to have an awesome dog. He has recently written and published “The Smartest Dogs on the Block”™ a dog obedience manual as well a “Quick Start Guide” to his methods. Ken uses old methods a new way with great success.
To contact Ken via email:

Some of my behavior modification students include:

PRINCESS a 1+ year old 'block-head' black Labrador Retriever. This is a WONDERFUL, LOVING companion~~ now.

Princess was rescued by 
Panhandle Animal Lovers , a non-profit, true NO- KILL Rescue Shelter in Crestview, Fl.
 Princess had been adopted and returned more than once because she had a VERY bad habit of jumping on everyone and refused to walk on a leash unless she was pulling, completely dominating the handler. 
    No matter what they tried, shelter volunteers could not stop her from jumping. She simply had more energy than sense, she was a still puppy and not getting enough excercise! I took Princess home for 2 weeks to be certain I could transfer the training to her next handler, and corrected these behaviors in no time. She has since been adopted to a very loving and thankful family. All is well in PRINCESS-land!
   {These are THE most common problems I encounter and the EASIEST to correct.}

ANDY a male Golden Retriver and Labrador Retriever mix also about 1 year old and in the same predicament~ about to be given up on.

  ANDY came to me through a groomer friend of mine who had been contacted by a Golden Retriever rescue in Lower Alabama. We were his last chance.
ANDY had been placed in 5 homes and ALL had returned him as untrainable. He  was marking on EVERYTHING in his path and was completely out of control with way too much energy. HE WAS A PUPPY!! and not getting enough excercise.
   The real problem was that he had the run of each home he had been placed in rather than being restricted when he could not be watched. 
  I took ANDY into my home for about 3 weeks giving him all of the excercise he could handle. I stopped 'allowing' him to mark. The only time he marked was when I 'let him'. As he began to wander and sniff, I put him on a leash and walked with him refusing to 'allow' him to sniff. As he tried to find a place to mark, I gently 'snapped' the leash to get his attention and commanded 'wrong- wait' then immediately took him outside. I walked him to the back of the yard and 'freed' him to do what he wanted. 
   In no time at all he calmed down and STOPPED MARKING, period! He marked ONLY when I allowed him the freedom to do so. I then helped place him with a retired police officer in Massacheusetts. What a GREAT dog he turned out to be.

SCOOTER a 1 year old neutered male 'Heinz 57' mix, abandoned and abused.

I found SCOOTER lying in a friends driveway in Foley, Alabama. He refused to leave and appeared to be injured. We thought he had been hit by a car and after many attempts to find his owner,we took him to the local vet for a check up. We learned that he had NOT been hit by a car but rather seriously abused by a human (this is not how I refer to these abusive jerks!!!). Anyway, We had his shots and dewormed him to make sure he didn't impart any bad karma to our (4) dogs. I took SCOOTER home to work with him. This is one terrific pooch folks, and is currently at
Panhandle Animal Lovers (PAL) looking for a home. One look into his eyes and you are hooked. All SCOOTY as we call him, really wants is to be loved and hang around with you. He travels well and enjoys riding in the car. He is house broken and a truely loving pet. GO GET HIM, today! Click here to email PAL for more information about all of their wonderful pets up for adoption.

KATIE is a beautiful female black Labrador Retriever mix about 6 months old and has been adopted from
PAL about 3 months ago.


  UPDATE on KATIE, now about 1 year old: 2/2010
Due to physical constraints of the owner of Katie, I have taken her in to foster and she will soon be up for adoption again. This is a WONDERFUL dog and she is trained!!
 Once she is put back on the adoption rolls at
PAL, she will be very nearly that dog you have always wanted. All she will needs is YOU!
She loves her ball and will play for hours if you  so choose. 
Check back for your opportunity to take her home.

    KATIE's owner called Hanne Berg, owner of 
PAL concerned that Katie may have to be returned for many puppy problems that simply overwhelmed her new owners. This is quite common when adopting a rescued puppy. Hanne immediately put KAITE's owner in touch with me.
   Some of the challenges with Katie are: digging, jumping up, peeing in the house and stealing from the garbage (any of this sound familiar?). I met with 'Bill' and worked on the peeing and stealing and really creating a plan for the whole scope of his challenges.
  I LOVE working with a client like 'Bill'. He understood immedialtely that he has to take charge and become the boss (alpha dog in K9 language). SUCCESS, we have a plan and it is working. Updates will comes as they happen. Suffice it to say, the owner is a much happier person today than before we met. (Yippee!)

 KEN BELIEVES: We need to allow our dogs to learn

          Learned Behaviors             Smarter Dogs



Because Ken knows every dog learns a different way he has created several levels of training to suit any challenge that you may face.


  • Standard Obedience Training
  • Extended Obedience Training
  • Behavior Modification
  • Behavior Management
  • Off Leash Obedience

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